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Review: The Hole is One Movie that will Blow Your Mind



The Hole (2001) picture

The Hole (2001), co-starring Thora Birch, Kiera Knightley and Desmond Harrington before they were even blips on the Hollywood scene, follows four spoiled kids attending a British private school. Rather than go on the school field trip, they decide to pursue their own ultimate holiday by — oddly enough — locking themselves (accidentally) inside a war bunker beneath their school. What follows next defies all logic and reasoning.

Of the four, only one emerges from the bunker alive, and that’s as far as I will go with the spoilers. You can watch the following trailer for a preview of what to expect:

The Hole is listed as horror/psychological, but I did not find anything horrific about it. It will, however, take you on a roller coaster ride, blowing your mind at every turn. I was particularly impressed at the realism of the film. The characters were how I imagined stuck-up British private school brats would be, and the bunker was how I imagined one to be.

The casting was phenomenal. Thora Birch transitioned beautifully from her role in Oscar-winning American Beauty. Her character, Liz Dunn, is complex but is nevertheless was portrayed in a believable manner. With the exception of Dr. Philippa Harwood (played by Embeth Davidtz), the other characters remained relative unknowns, but were all acted convincingly.

As enjoyable as it is, The Hole has flaws, most notable of which is the frequent transition from the past to the present to tell the story. It gets confusing at times, making it easy to miss things if you so much as get distracted.

Considering how good the movie is, it’s a shame that it was only released in UK cinemas and distributed in the U.S. some 2 years later, and even then straight to DVD. It could have been a relative box office success had it had the backing of Hollywood.


The Hole is a well-shot, well-acted film worthwhile for anyone that likes plot twists, suspense and just downright likes being mind-blown. If anything, it is more of a crime thriller / mystery piece than it is horror, but you will enjoy it regardless. Check it out and let us know what you thought about it.

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Warcraft is a ‘Problem Movie’ Facing Difficulties



World of Warcraft CGI

With video game movies failing miserably to light the big screen on fire like superhero flicks have, you can’t blame critics for being a bit nervous about the film adaptation of Warcraft, which is seen as a “problem movie.”

Produced by Legendary and set to be distributed by Universal, the Warcraft movie has been delayed so many times that it risked never being made. A report by Hollywood Reporter claims that Universal has major reservations about the project, citing over-involvement from property owners Blizzard and a ballooning budget as major reasons.

The fact that Sam Raimi, the second director to be attached to Warcraft, departed after Blizzard supposedly insisted on trashing his script (co-written with Robert Rodat) makes matters even worse.

There are currently a plethora of video game movies on the way, including Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted, The Angry Birds Movie, Rachet and Clank, and Mega Man. As with Warcraft, successfully making the transition from the interactive world of gaming to the strictly-visual world of cinema will prove challenging for all those tites.

Do you think a good video game movie will ever be made and what game would you want to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned to MovieTribute for more film and TV news.

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Vin Diesel Reveals That New Fast & Furious Trilogy is Coming



vin diesel fast and furious

Despite the loss of the lead star Paul Walker, the Fast and Furious movie franchise will be getting more installments, with actor Vin Diesel hinting at least “one last trilogy.” And here we thought seven films were one too many…

Vin made the revelation on his Facebook page, which was was later bolstered by Universal Studios’ chairwoman Donna Langley.

According to Langley, the Fast & Furious franchise has plenty of potential for profit, especially when considering the last movie — Furious 7 — pulled in a whopping $1.5 billion in gross income after debuting in April, 2015. However, the studio will tread carefully in order to make sure the series doesn’t get too old too fast.

The next movie — Furious 8 — is expected to release sometime in 2017 and is expected to feature Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kurt Russell, while Universal is in the process of finding directors for the prospective final trilogy.

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The Flash Gets New Costume for Season 2



The Flash

While you impatiently wait for new episodes of The Flash, especially after the show’s action-packed, cliff-hanger Season 1 finale, it has been revealed that the DC superhero will have a new costume for Season 2. We have pictures…

By new, we mean an evolution of the previous costume. The lightning symbol on his chest has a different color, while everything else seems to be brighter.

Check it out and let us know what changes you would have made to it…

The Flash Season 2 Costume

CW’s The Flash Season 2 airs on October 6th, 2015. For more TV and movie news, stick right here on MovieTribute.

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