The New Godzilla is 350 Feet Tall! Biggest Godzilla Ever!

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Godzilla destroying city san francisco

Gareth Edwards, director of the new Godzilla movie, says the king of the monsters is now 350 feet tall, making him the biggest Godzilla of all time. He revealed this tidbit of info, along with other titillating details, during a recent Q&A session that involved a twenty-minute private screening of the movie.

According to IGN, five scenes were shown, including an incident at a power plant, an interrogation, an “amazing” action scene involving a train, a sequence in Hawaii, and the “Halo jump” from the teaser trailer.

Here are the biggest highlights of the Q&A:

  • Edwards liked that the original Godzilla was a very serious take on the monster movie genre and it’s that seriousness he wants to capture in the new film.
  • The story is about man versus nature, and how nature cannot be defeated. It’s also about a family “torn apart” by a natural disaster that took place fifteen years ago in Japan.
  • In finalizing Godzilla’s 350 Feet height, he wanted the monster to be so big as to be seen from anywhere in the city, but not too big that he couldn’t be obscured.
  • He wanted to work with Bryan Cranston not because of the actor’s performance in Breaking Bad — he hasn’t seen the critically-acclaimed TV show — but rather because of his performance in sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

Like us, you are probably very excited for the new Godzilla movie. While you wait for its May 16th release, check out our collection of all the awesome trailers released for it to date.